Buyer Rules

Dispute over Trade on sites: "Rules"

General Matters

Article 1.  These Rules, herein referred to as “Rules” are adapted to permit fair and equitable handling of trade disputes between buyers and sellers, protect the rights and interests of buyers and sellers, herein referred as “Users, buyers, or sellers”, and promote and sustain any of the e-commerce activities that were started on any of the sites as defined in the Terms and Conditions, herein referred to as “ sites”.

Article 2.  These Rules apply to any user, either buyer or seller that logs in to the sites and is an extension of the Terms and Conditions governing all users that login to any of the sites. These Rules govern any attempted or completed transactions conducted on any of the sites.  Offline activities are not governed by these Rules for any sort of dispute between any users of any of the sites.

Article 3.  If a seller or buyer has submitted a complaint about dispute resolution by, the seller and buyer agree to have read, agreed, and accepted these Rules. dispute resolution is designed to ensure equitable transactions between both users regardless of the reporting party.  All users agree that reserves the rights to handle such disputes in accordance with the Articles laid out in these Rules.

Article 4. reserves the right to modify these rules at any time. Any modification will take immediate effect upon being posted on the sites.