Why Use Us!

With over 60 years of experience in the manufacturing industry Newtron knows exactly how to serve the client.  No matter how big or small the project is Newtron has you covered.  We have consistent success in the manufacturing industry since aiding in putting the first Americans on the moon.

By having manufacturing facilities worlidwide it helps reduce the costs for your project so that you and stakeholders can stay on budget.  In order to help speed up projects, we offer a free easy to use online management portal, so that you can submit RFQs (Request for Quotes) 24/7 and be updated on job status throughout the enirety of the project.  Once you have submitted a RFQ a CSR (Customer Service Representative) will be in contact with you to proceed with your job.  This allows RFQs to be quoted quickly instead of having to wait weeks!

In order to serve the client further we are a one stop shop for all your project needs.  We do both manufacturing and engineering in house.  That way we can seamlessly edit any changes to your parts without having to communicate externally.  Even if you are not familiar with using 3D CAD software, as long as you have an idea we can facilitate in creating 2D and 3D CAD files ready for manufacturing.

To top it off we help you secure intellectual property because we understand that intellectual property is critical to fostering innovation for your company. 

We take pride in being honest and fair when working with the client.  Whether it is just one part or thousands of parts we do out best to ensure quality for customers and other stakeholders.  To become a part of this unique service, sign up for a "Buyer's" account today!