How It Works?

For Anyone That Needs to Manufacture Parts:

If you are sourcing, procuring, developing prototypes, looking to manufacture metal, plastic or rubber parts from CAD/CAM (Computer Aided Design/Computer Aided Manufacturing) documentation, or need parts modeled for manufacturing, we can help!  NewtronMFG has been in the CNC manufacturing service for over 60 years.  Our experience in manufacturing and machining has taken us all the way from the seas to space, working on Navy nuclear ships and submarines to the NASA Apollo and Space Shuttle programs.  We have the know-how you need to make what you require for your products.  Our online system is simple, just create a Buyer's account.  Click Here For a Free Account.  This account will enable you to upload your engineering documentation that will allow one of our CSRs (Customer Service Representatives) to review what you have and offer any manufacturing recommendations before our shop managers start on your quote.  There is no added cost for the CSR check since it is all part of the request for quote process, and we find that sometimes drawings may have minor issues that can be found and corrected by a simple review.  Examples of minor issues could be about choosing a material or just the type of finish on a part.  This portal also allows you to send a sketch of what you want to request us to make, for example a 3D model, drawings, or rendering of your idea.  You can request both manufacturing and engineering services.  It's a powerful, online manufacturing solution.

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