ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene): High strength engineering plastic that is popular because of low production costs and the ease of manufacturing. 

Acrylic: A translucent plastic that has good wear and tear properties.  Typically used for lenses, security barriers, medical devices, LCD screens, and furniture. 

Nylon 6/6: Frequently used when high mechanical strength, rigidity, good stability under heat and/or chemical resistance are required.  Common examples include parachutes, swimwear, fibers for textiles and carpets, and molded parts. 

PC (Polycarbonate): Mainly used for electronic and telecommunication applications due to being a good electrical insulator, having heat-resistant and flame-retardant properties. 

Polypropylene: Used in various applications due to its good chemical reistance, weldability, high strength, good surface finish, low cost, and good barrier properties. 

POM (Polyoxymethylene)/Acetal: A crystalline plastic that offers high tensile strength, creep resistance, toughness, and low moisture absorption.  Can be used for gears, bearings, bushings, rollers, fitings, electrical insulator parts, and in moist and wet environments.